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        Land of Demons takes place in the northern continent of Aethora, during the beginning of the 35th era. Long has the land been in an age of peace, but in these tranquil times all memories or war and honor have faded, and all the old alliances are now dead.
        With the world ripe for the taking,  the once proud empire of Olympia has begun a conquest to break every nation under their will. Fueled by weapons never before seen, that rival the dwarves and even magic, Olympia's legions are all but unstoppable. And with Ryuunden, the only nation industrialized enough to stop them, on the verge of three-sided civil war, there are none who can now match Olympia's might.

        The only hope now rests, oddly, in the land of Buckle Root, where only farms and hills rest, and undisciplined rangers roam. Here, in the most unlikely of places, an ancient curse stirs in one such ranger once more. One that will either be the a key to ending this world war, or only add to the bloodshed. 



The Premise: 

The Setting:

        The greatest inventor of the era has fallen to madness. Now calling himself the Baron, he creates terrible tools and devices of war for the Olympian Empire. With the empire’s weapons making swords, shields, and even magic obsolete, all of Aethora and the world of Kelndroarn will  be enslaved or destroyed.         

        The only hope of ending this chaos rests in the hands of a group of rangers, all infamous for their past exploits as witch hunters. Now, blackmailed into service, they’re tasked with hunting and killing the mad Baron, and stopping his advantage for the enemy. But it will not be easy, with the rangers’ exploits having spread far and wide, they have made themselves a threat. And all threats to Olympia will be hunted down.

The world of

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